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Every Relationship Begins by Sitting Down Together and Getting to Know Each Other

Building Strong Relationships

Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years.  It won't be long before we work with the grandchildren of our first clients.  Very simply put, we emphasize a high standard of care, like that which we'd give to our own family.  This is how we were raised - to care about work, to be earnest, and to be fair.  Working with families as they build their wealth, and then make decisions about philanthropy and estate planning requires a depth of knowledge about the client.  Years of connectedness, of discussing goals, dreams, and belief systems is the basis upon which our client relationship philosophy is founded.  There are no short cuts in this process, and that time and energy spent is part of the reward. 


Comprehensive Asset Management Services

From building, or overhauling and rebuilding your investment portfolio, to advising you on employee stock options, real estate negotiations, estate planning tactics, tax planning with your CPA, or counseling on choices in philanthropy, Bennicas & Associates is at your side providing seasoned guidance and consultative input.  You might think you're hiring us to help you choose investments for your retirement account, which is one of our core activities. But we are routinely involved in all of our clients financial, tax, and estate planning decision-making.  In our view, this holistic approach is essential to achieving the peace of mind and freedom from worry over everyday financial choices, and exact record-keeping.



The cornerstone of our philosophy is that our clients have built their wealth foundations. They don't need reckless speculation.  They just need to methodically compound their portfolios over lengthy investment horizons and minimize instances of capital loss.  By bearing these principles in mind we help you set your course to achieve your financial goals and dreams.  In the words of Billy Martin, describing his formula for success with the Oakland A's , "...get 'em on, get 'em over, get 'em in".  We aspire to that simplicity, as we believe that our industry tends to overcomplicate things.


As a seasoned wealth counselor, Bennicas & Associates manages your assets on a discretionary basis. This includes comprehensive day-to-day account administration, including security selection, trade placement, and portfolio evaluation and performance reporting. 

We employ what we would describe as a "quality value" style.  This means that we look for companies that are attractively priced versus their industry peers, with better-than-peer growth characteristics, profitability, and management decision-making.  We believe strongly that companies generating free cash flow (FCF Yield) are focused on after tax results.  Ideally, we will buy and hold your investments for years, extending gains, and allowing our investment thesis to develop.  

In order to lessen stock market volatility, we diversify our client portfolios among inflation hedges, such as precious metals, industrial metals, commodities, and real assets.  We also opportunistically utilize publicly traded alternative investments. We run balanced portfolios, positioning stocks alongside bonds and other assets.  This methodology insures that we protect against the stock markets sometimes very destructive downsides.  It might be old fashioned to prepare for a rainy day. Call us old fashioned.   


Our clients receive detailed quarterly reports, and we encourage continued communication through telephone consultations and personal meetings. Our familiarity with each client’s full financial picture allows us to serve as a valuable resource, helping clients navigate any personal financial questions that may arise and managing our clients financial and tax management team.  


We are extremely detail focused, and can assure you that your overall asset management will receive exceptional attention to detail and accuracy. 

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