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Surf's Up!

Ask any seasoned investor, one who has experienced lengthier downturns than the "bear market" of 2020, and they'll likely agree that the market it poised for correction.

At a certain point, we guess, you're no longer "cautious about the market" being priced to perfection. You're just wrong. It trudges higher and higher. It takes a break for a day, like it did yesterday to consider worries about a global economic slowdown due to this, that, and the other thing. But today it trudges higher, because that's what it just does. You have legions of investors that count on this phenomenon now; they all own GameStop and AMC. They probably also own the ARK Innovation Fund ETF.

The attached article is a bit deep in the weeds, but it is excellent. It doesn't help the reader draw any conclusions about when or what magnitude a coming bear market might be. It does make one thing clear. It's coming.

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