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Wise Enough to Think Differently

Tailored personal family wealth guidance for preservation and growth
  • Careful tending of your lifetime's work.

  • Bennicas & Associates, guiding our clients financial lives for over 30 years. 


Our first step is to listen.

Personally Tailored Portfolio Management

Built around you, your objectives, and dreams.
Portfolio construction that's as unique as you are.

A thoughtful examination of your financial objectives and action steps aimed at helping you achieve them, and sleep through your nights.


Investment Strategies Designed to Weather Life's Surprises

Carefully planned strategies balancing both asset preservation with growth.

In today's complex financial markets don't just expect the unexpected, plan for it. 

Guidance and Service Based on Decades of Experience

Learn from the past, prepare for the future.

Practical, careful, and opportunistic.


The tests of time are foundations for growth.

Contrarian Woman GettyImages-86433403.jpg

Wealth management that considers your unique situations

Embrace Your Inner Contrarian

Thinking differently is an essential part of risk management.

We leave the off the shelf solutions to the big box financial firms.  Bennicas & Associates custom builds your strategy around your goals and dreams.  

Strong relationships require clear communications. 
  • Our clients know just what we are doing and why.

  • We expertly guide with our questions and listen closely to your answers.

  • Your portfolio strategy should be straightforward and concise, allowing you to take comfort in your plan. 

We take the lead with your estate planning and tax professionals.
  • Today's complex investment, legal, and tax environment requires careful organized management.

  • Bennicas & Associates takes the lead of all of your professional advisors. 

  • Concise and thoughtful planning leads to successful wholistic outcomes. 

Investments selected after careful risk/reward analysis.
  • Multi-factor model analyzes myriad variables seeking ideal trade-off between valuation, profitability, and capital efficiency. 

  • Emphasis on free cash flow.

  • Invest in "Great Businesses".

The Bennicas & Associates Investment Team

georgia bennicas 61.jpeg

Georgia Bennicas founded the firm in the late 1980's. At that time very few women were hanging out their own shingle to offer family office services. Her clients have grown accustomed to her brand of contrarian thinking and her willingness to set a different course from the madding crowd. 

michael dunn 17.jpeg

Michael Dunn spent much of his 30-year investment career working with pensions, foundations, and endowments. Their careful methodologies and course planning further influenced his own philosophy that successful money management is founded on keeping up during bull markets and losing less consistently during bear markets. 

Things That We're Thinking About


Time to chart a new course?

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